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The Stone Men
The Stone Men
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Good evening everyone I'm taking this time to Tell you That My father DIED. He was 96 years and lived a great life and I'm going to miss him so much for he is the one that made me the man I am... French F Stone 1913-2010

The Stone men and Wives.
My mom with Kay, Uncle Fred and French F Stone 1913- 2010

The Stone Men.... How do I start?

When I first saw French and Fred Stone, I saw two men who would influence my life forever.  One was standing, and the other sitting -- both looking at me as if they knew who I was before I did (they did). I knew my life was going to change in a big way. For one was going to be my Dad the other my Uncle. I knew that I was never going to get away with anything ever again.  I can say with truth that I am happier now that I discovered that what they taught me is true -- being a man is not something you need to hide from yourself as you do in your youth. I’m so lucky to have the Stone family as part of my family.

Uncle Fred

Pop This is IT.
French F Stone 1913-2010


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